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So, I’ve been looking for blogs to read and can I say that some folks take the monetization aspect incredibly too seriously? I mean, I’m not going to lie–I’d love to make a few bucks when someone buys something that I’ve linked to, but that’s the extent of how much of your time and energy I’m going to take.

I bought a cheap computer because I was broke when I needed one. This means that my processor doesn’t play well with big, bulky websites. The last thing I need is a semi-popup that wants me to put in my email address to follow more (often I have to wait for all the website to load underneath before I can scroll down to locate the “close” button so I can actually view the website). I am not a very patient person online. If I want to follow or get emails, I’ll look at the top right or left of the page (depending on the template) for that button. If I’m desperate, I’ll hit the END key and look for a “contact us” in the footer. If I can’t find it in 5 seconds, I ain’t sticking around.

The second part is the cluttered website (which usually goes along with that semi-popup). I heard on NPR this week that Google is cracking down on cluttered websites. Because most people are switching to smart phones and tablets to surf the web, Google is going to start downgrading the search score (or however you’d describe it) of websites that don’t play well with smaller screens–these websites will be placed lower on the search results page than websites which do translate better.

I found one blog today I was really interested in following because the content looked very good. Until I started scrolling through posts and realized that most looked like product reviews, which I don’t care about. Notice: I don’t review anything but the books here, and unless I particularly passionate about some random aspect of the book, I keep my reviews pretty short (the blurbs off the back of the book notwithstanding). As for the gift ideas, if the picture isn’t enough to grab you, feel free to move along.

I hate feeling pressured to shop. I was about to curse out a representative from our cable company yesterday because this was the 3rd call in 3 months asking if I wanted to add phone and cable–I do not and I’d asked 1 and 2 to take me off their call list. I feel bad being harsh to the lady yesterday, but the guys before her should have done their job! Especially because I was really nice to guy number one and almost nice to guy number two. Poor 3rd person in line, haha.

So anyway, to end my rant, I don’t care how much someone offers to pay me to put their ads on my site, I ain’t doing it because I don’t want to read that clutter. Oh sure, I’ll put a little ad-bar on the side if Word Press wants to pay me to do so, but nothing that will take attention away from my posts. Because honestly, if I had the money, I’d probably buy a lot of the things I link to.


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