***GIVEAWAY*** Snow Angels (4 short stories)

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“Snow Angels”: Meh–not awful. It’s a traditional Christmas themed romance my mother would buy. (3 stars)

“The Presents of Angels”: A bit too religious for my taste, but the scene between Andy and Josh more than makes up for having to skip a few paragraphs. (4 stars)

“Decorations”: Cute, but not very good as a short story. There’s a distinct lack in the emotions expressed, but I’m willing to blame this entirely on trying to cram a year into 100 pages. There could have been a lot more tension in which guy she’d ultimately choose. (3.5 stars)

“Miracle on Main Street”: I didn’t get past the second chapter. I don’t like the fact that it’s written in present tense, but this is just me. This story hits too close to home for me with parents who think 10 crappy gifts are somehow better than 1 decent one (even if you only have $10 to spend). I just want to smack the wife. But if you happen to like sappy Christmas stories where the evils of commercialism are “magically” revealed by a flood of Angelic light on some unknown (since I didn’t finish the story) entity, this story would be right up your alley. (Unrated for obvious reasons: I’m biased).

If you want to read these stories for yourself, sent an email to flusche.catherine@gmail.com with your address and I’ll send a copy to you FREE. Checkout the Giveaways page for other books I have available. Sorry, only one book per person, first come first served.

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