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I’m relatively new to the cozy mystery genre. I only started reading them because my mom is a book buyer and I was desperately in need of something to read. I must say that I was a quick convert.

This one combines by mom’s love of crafts and my love of libraries. I liked that each of these topics was given an equal amount of attention.  I’ve found that some authors tend to neglect their subplots to the book’s detriment–that wasn’t a problem here. There could have been a little more character development done, but on the whole it was average.

I’m not sure about the Southern stereotypes portrayed in this book. I consider myself a Southerner because of my location, but Hampton Roads is a bubble. It’s the equivalent of a very large city population-wise with a lot of transient people because of the military (please don’t judge our graduation rates too harshly–some parents don’t think to formally withdraw their children from school when they move). I don’t think I’ve ever met a little old lady who says “bless your heart”. I don’t know how it is further south and in actual small towns, so maybe this is a Southern thing and I’m just not a Southerner even though I was born here.

Milo reminds me a lot of my boyfriend, especially when he asked Tori out the first time. I know exactly what it looks like when a guy looks positively relieved when I said that I would indeed go out with him. ‘Course, my guy looks nothing like Milo. Milo is relatively tall and has an averagely muscular build and is a self-declared shy nerd. My guy is 6 ft 4 with a barrel of a chest who simply looks like a Big Truck driver. ‘Course, while my guy isn’t shy (except when it came to asking me out because he was scared), he is very much a nerd (I have difficulty getting him to watch anything not Sci-Fi), he’s somewhat introverted (though not as much as me), and I didn’t insult him when I told him early on that he’s definitely smarter than he looks :-). He made me stumble over the Latin while discussing the various forms of vivipary the other night. Don’t judge the backwards looking redneck truck driver by the cover of his Star Trek universe novel, hahaha.

Anyway, back to the book. I was very surprised by the murderer’s reveal–I didn’t see it coming. I identified most of the red herrings for what they were (and thought them excellent choices). I didn’t like the portrayal of the investigator because it was gratuitous. Yeah, that’s a good word for it. I’ve just looked at Goodreads about this series and am thrilled to see that these characters continue to exist. I shall hold off real judgment on Investigator McGuire (and Ms. Casey) until a few books later when we can see if his character evolves.

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