Before I forget: On Mind Reading.

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My boyfriend and I are more or less telepathic to each other. A lot of the time when we’re looking out the car window (which is how we spend 80% of our time together even when we’re not on vacation) we’ll both notice the same things even when there’s a lot going on around us. If there are 5 billboards on a short stretch, we’ll probably start snickering about the same one. “Get out of my head” is a common phrase with us.

Last night we got pizza from a Dominos across the street from the hotel for dinner (he picked it up). He was going to get me a bottle of water from the cooler in the car, but between the two pizzas (because I’m not paying $12.50 for 1 medium 2-topping when I can get 2 medium 2-topping for $12.90) and his own soda, his hands were full. I didn’t mind going down for my own water, but while I was smart enough to grab a room key before I left, I didn’t think to grab a car key. He parked  right below the window to our room (which is on the 3rd floor), so I was able to see the light on, but not actually communicate (left my phone in the room, too). I stood outside for a good 30 seconds debating whether to try hollering at him or see if I could set off the car alarm before I had the great idea to use telepathy. I stood there for a good minute or two mentally projecting for him to unlock the car with his fob before I gave it up as a lost cause.

I went back up to the room and as I opened the door, he told me that he’d just unlocked the car for me. Turns out he was distracted by pizza and it took him a minute to realize that the car was still locked. Telepathy? Or he saw my phone and key next to him on the desk in the room? I don’t know or care, haha.

The Baja Explorer--our home away from home.
The Baja Explorer–our home away from home.

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