General Sherman’s Christmas: Savannah 1864

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“The quiet grace at tea with Mrs. Cornwell; the “cordial” overnight invitation to Howard; the “kindly” offer of a guard, while nearby residences reportedly burned wholesale; the Cornwell plantation itself confiscated of everything edible and on the hoof, and then ruined; the family left nearly without food for days; and the house threatened with burning, yet protected; the return of household goods–all these juxtapose contradictions not easily reconciled, yet integral to the surreality of the march to the sea.”

A really good read on Sherman’s march. I’m still desperate to read one of the many books written by southerner’s shortly after the war which claimed to tell “the real story”. I ran across a bunch of these as I played around with what my college thesis would be on.

In terms of the depravity that happened in GA during the march, this book seems to make the most sense from what I’ve read. I think that what happened in Baltimore a few weeks ago is a good place to start in deciding where the truth was in the past, if that makes any sense.

Remember the ladies fainting in Portsmouth!

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