The BF and Love’s

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Love’s is a truck stop located all over the country. I know because I’m pretty sure we stopped at at least one within every state, at least once we hit Texas.

At first I didn’t think much about the truck stop. He’d already taken me to a Petro where we ate at an Iron Skillet and later a TA where we ate at a Country Pride and then even later a Flying J (aka Fishhook) with a Huddle House (I may have misappropriated the stop to the restaurant; oh well). Truck Drivers: so proud to show off the various restaurants attached to their favorite truck stops instead of looking for a similar meal at a family joint in town. Sigh. In case your wondering, Iron Skillet and Country Pride are essentially the same restaurant and are owned by the same company and a Huddle House is a Waffle House, especially when you see one standing alone.

Anyway. Love’s is usually attached to a major fast food restaurant: Subway, Arby’s, McDonalds. I don’t think we saw any with a sit-down restaurant, but I can’t be 100% positive. But BF doesn’t stop at Love’s for the food. He stops in for the Squeegees!

Once we got to Texas, the bug population skyrocketed. Or maybe they just became enormous, I’m not sure. After Alabama, the mosquito population was almost non-existent, but in Kansas, the moths are the size of dinner plates. I need to get into his phone (camera) again to see if he took any pictures of the grill covered in bug-guts. It was funny because he’d wash the windows every time we got gas and within 50 miles the bug splats were very noticeable and by the time we reached 150, I was having trouble getting clear pictures. Some mornings I woke up and was certain that we’d been bombarded the night before because I didn’t remember the window being that filthy. And yes, there were a few gas station bathroom stops where he didn’t get gas, but needed to wash the window. Alas, some of these places didn’t even have the short squeegee.


One thought on “The BF and Love’s

    […] through more switchbacks to get off the Parkway to get gas at a Love’s in Virginia. He likes Love’s because they have the long handled squeegees (this became a running joke, whic… Before our trip I told most people that I was certain that we’d spend at least one night at a […]


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