I got declined to be an affiliate?!?!?

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Alrighty then.

I use shareasale.com to manage the various websites I’d like to link to for gifts related to the books I review. It’s not the best site, but when the only decent items for The Dresden Files were via Redbubble.com, which uses shareasale, I had to join. The reason most of my suggestions come from Zazzle is simply because it manages it’s own affiliate program that is incredibly easy to use, but sometimes I need to look further for awesome gifts.

I’m kind of in love with this one.

Anyway, in looking for gifts for my latest review (not yet posted at time of this publication), I decided to look for some new sites to affiliate for. Turns out, there are actually some sites that are picky about who affiliates for them. Here will be the only time I mention “Best American Arts: Handcrafted American Artisan Goods“–heck, I’ll even link to them, because there was some stuff that I’d already started thinking about books on my read and to-read shelves that might make for a good match. And some stuff that I’d want to buy if I had that kind of cash. But now, I’m not even in the mood to browse their goods further.

I’m miffed because today I was looking for sites that sell one of a kind, actual handmade goods rather than pictures printed on various manufactured items. I mean, that’s the backstory of the book who’s review was proving so hard to illustrate: Girl goes to Scotland to purchase authentic goods to sell in her shop in America. It’s bad enough that Etsy, the queen of handmade, uses an affiliate managing site which charges $1 in order to affiliate, which I refuse to pay on principle. These sites get tons of free advertisement all the time when people “Like” it to Facebook or “Pin” it to Pinterest.

Anyway, since they don’t want me, I see no reason to pursue continue the relationship. Too bad for them. From an economic standpoint, I’m not too upset because they only offer a 2% commission, but from a shopper standpoint, I’m devastated because I really wanted to promote their stuff!


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