Ate my dinner from a pie plate and I don’t care!

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As the title suggests, I ate my dinner from a pie plate tonight and I don’t care what anyone says about it.

Because, it so happens that I ate a salad in my pie plate! It serves you right for jumping to conclusions.

No, I didn’t have some snazzy Pinterest worthy salad to put in my pie plate–spinach leaves, carrots, tomatoes, leftover boiled chicken thigh quarter with ranch dressing thrown over top, with grapes, sliced strawberries and some chuncked colby cheese around the edges. The pie plate was chosen as the serving device simply because we lack a proper bowl of the correct dimensions and I’ve found salads on plates must be eaten standing up to keep from throwing the ingredients all over the floor (I’m short and few table/chair combos work for me). Besides, I’m eating in bed as I write this. I was going to use our huge mixing bowl (because there’s no reason to have 6 various sized ones when one big-ass one will do every job you can throw at it) before inspiration struck. It’s kind of the perfect option. Since BF doesn’t like pie and I cook desserts only once in a blue moon, it’s funny that we actually have 2 of these pie plates (I got one from my grandma that I brought with me and he had one). I was also surprised when I asked my dad if he could donate us a casserole dish he gave me the classic 9×13 pyrex rather than one of the possibly pyrex pretty rounded one that just annoyed me. The one my dad donated matches the one BF already had–with me working during the day we really needed 2–which means it stacks in the cabinet beautifully!

On a similar note: I love pyrex. Seriously. When I made a huge mess trying to bake something with BF’s tiny plastic mixing bowls, I told him that we finally¬†had to go shopping. He tried to get me to buy the 3 stacking plastic bowls for $10 at Walmart. I only had eyes for the big-ass pyrex bowl also for $10. It’s glass so there won’t be any funky stains/smells (a problem with his other “mixing” bowls. Did I mention that it’s huge? Like 2 gallons or something stupid–it’s the biggest mixing bowl I’ve ever used and my grandma has some great ones. Now all I need is the basic pyrex measuring cup (not sure which size, but probably would skip the 1 cup unless the set is really good at stacking).


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