Born of Defiance (The League)

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While I’m a huge fan of Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark-Hunter series, I’m only a fan of The League books. I think this is because The League stories tend to jump around. Case in point, this story is set at the exact same time as Born of Night (the first book in the series). This wouldn’t be an issue if the books were published closer together (as has happened in some of the earlier Dark-Hunter books), but this is book 8 in the series.

The great thing about Ms. Kenyon’s series’ are that while each book can stand on it’s own, most of the characters are built piece by piece in each book until they get their own and then they continue to get built even after they’re the star. That’s where this book failed, in my opinion–since this story isn’t necessarily new (if you’ve read Born of Night, you know how this one has to end), it needed to bring something else to the table, which it didn’t.

Talyn has been mentioned in previous books and I while I didn’t expect a challenging romantic story, I want to say that I expected him to deal with his dad’s stuff more. Ah…I see where the problem lies (after doing a bit of research). Book 7 dealt with Talyn’s uncle Dancer Hauk, which introduced Talyn and his dad, Fain’s, issues. Fain’s book is next in the series. So poor Talyn got stuck with having to bridge the gap between them to build up the suspense. That’s why he couldn’t  deal with his dad issues and why I was left disappointed in Ms. Kenyon.

The last problem with The League is that the bad guys are pretty flat. Given that the overarching theme is a universe where local governments are corrupt, “federal” governments are corrupt, the universal police are corrupt, and there’s this one group of heroes trying to protect the innocent, there’s so much room to play with why these government officials are corrupt, but instead of going into the personal jealousies and intrigue like the Gods within the Dark-Hunter Series, it’s pretty much “we’re corrupt because we’re idiots”.


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