Google Drive and a Challenge

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First of all, since this seems to be neglected by Google (there are many forum questions without answers on it), I’ll share how to print basic greeting cards using Google Drive.

All I want to do is print the “guts” for some cards I want to make. The problem I have to deal with is cardstock that is 8.5×11 and a paper cutter that can only cut 7 inches comfortably. The solution is to fold the paper first, then cut it into individual cards. But this means figuring out how to format the “guts” so that when they printed 2-up they’re in the right spot for the finished card.

A quick Google search showed me how to do this in Microsoft Word (go to page setup, make the page landscape and have it print multiple pages (2 pages per sheet). Easy Peesy. The problem is that my Microsoft Word in 2007 (because why buy a new version for my new computer when I own the disk and it works fine) and the fonts that came with it are very businessy (because I bought Microsoft Business for college) and not exciting enough for greeting cards. Anyway, the concept is perfect, so I went to Google Drive (which I use 90% of the time anyway instead of Word) and was going to do the same thing. For whatever reason, though, Drive doesn’t have an option to have 2 pages per sheet. And this is where I found 5 forum questioners with zero answers.

After some fiddling around, I finally came up with the solution. First: treat your card as though it’s 8.5×11 because it will shrink to it’s proper size when you finally get it to print. Make sure you put what you want on each card on 2 separate pages (yes…I screwed this one up at first). When you open the “print dialogue box” in Drive, look at the bottom where it says “print using system dialogue” (aka: ctrl+shift+P) and use that dialogue box to print. This is where your results will vary as I have a Dell AIO 926 printer so my system dialogue for printing is 2007 Dell stuff. But, the buttons involved were “Preferences”, “Advanced [options]”, and “N-Up (2 pages)”. I’m sure your system will be similar. NOTE: My dialogue box has a box that is automatically checked that puts a border around the page when it prints. I have to remember to uncheck this box to prevent it from printing.

Now! On to the challenge I’ve given myself. I bought myself a Cricut Explore a few months ago and while I’ve used it a couple times, it hasn’t gotten the mileage on it that I’d have liked. I blame working 40 hours a week then wanting to do nothing but veg out on the computer or with a book. But anyway, I’ve got a ton of cardstock that I need to use (so I can warrant bringing more home from work, haha) and plenty of pretty scrapbook paper. So this weekend I’ve challenged myself to make a heck of a lot of cards. I won’t disclose the actual number I gave myself because I don’t want to incriminate myself. Anyway, now that I can finally print the insides like I want, I need to get to printing out my bases. Wish me luck!


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