Card Challenge–not completed, but still fun…

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…when things worked properly, that is.

I got a solid 40 Christmas cards done and they turned out pretty cute, except when one of the cats sat on a few of them a couple times. I think I need to get rid of some of my old glitter glue pens because I spent more time fighting the too tacky glue than I did decorating my Christmas trees. Dots, dots, dots, dots…lots of dots.

I have 100 bases for my birthday cards and at least 50 “Happy Birthday” cut out, but I still am waiting to pick up spray adhesive. I’m worried about my birthday bases, though, because when I went to cut down the horizontal Christmas cards I’d printed I found that half were off center which meant cutting them down to various lengths. At least the vertical cards, while having to get cut to 3.5″ width are a consistent 5.5″ height. It’s more of an annoying problem than anything else. I don’t mind that I’ll need to make envelopes to custom fit these cards…I hope.

As for my tools, besides the printer acting up (in apparently more ways than one), I got somewhat frustrated with Cricut Design Studio. It has lots of great “canvases” to make it easy to size images…but the custom canvas is broken at best. I’m not going to bother with it anymore. By the way, I highly recommend that crafters invest in a line gauge rather than a ruler. The ears are perfect for gripping the edge of your project to give a more accurate measurement. Just be sure to get one with your primary measure on the opposite of your dominant side (on mine, since I’m right handed the inches need to be on the left, which is what mine at home is). My line gauge at work (which is 24 inches long) has the inches on the right and it’s especially annoying because I’m usually measuring cut marks that are less than a quarter of an inch from the left side of the piece of paper (so very little of the gauge is actually on the paper).

I do have to say that I love the weeding tool from Cricut. I use it for weeding, of course, but also instead of my fingers when I’m gluing. It’s perfect for tidying up glitter glue when it gets out of control. This tool is worth every penny!

I’m very happy with how productive I was this weekend. I can’t wait to get started on those birthday cards!


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