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BF’s still asleep so I have to very quietly vent!

This stupid printer/Google Drive!!! I don’t know which to blame. ARGHHH!!

I’m still printing guts for my cards. I got all the birthday ones printed Friday night with the only challenge being that Drive would occasionally freeze/reload itself, which would make it spit out 10 blank sheets of paper rather than actually print words. So it took longer to print them than it should have, but oh well, I wasn’t in a hurry.

For my Christmas cards, since I’m starting with a simple Christmas Tree on the cover, I wanted the cards to be vertically oriented. This proved to be an early challenge because more thought had to go into the placement of the words so that when the card gets folded the words are generally centered on the inside page. On the computer screen this turned out to be easy enough, setting the left margin to be the same distance from the center of the printable area when the “page setup” margins are in effect. Since I was going for a half inch margin, I set the page setup as 0.5″ all around then manually moved the left margin arrow to 5.5″ (the way Drive works, the ruler restarts at 0 where the page setup margin ends, so with it set to 0.5 the ruler actually says 10, not 11). I left the right margin at “10” which is really 10.5″. This worked great to get the left margin to be 0.5″ from the fold for my cards. Unfortunately I think my printer has a minimum margin for left and right because I cannot get the right margin to be less than 1.25″ regardless of what I do! 8.5 inches is the maximum width paper my printer will accept, but I swear I’ve used smaller margins before without issue on that sized paper. Ultimately it doesn’t matter because I don’t mind cutting my cards from 4.25″ to 3.5″ to make them look right (they’ll fit in both #10’s as well as these small remittance envelopes I have this way).

But right now, the placement of the text is the least of my worries. For whatever reason, somewhere the specs are getting lost in translation with the text coming out portrait instead of landscape (thus cutting off half the words). I’m too annoyed right now to explain what’s happening. All I can say is that it’s trying to print the 11 inch way as though it were 8.5 which is cutting off my text and pissing me off. It wouldn’t be a problem if I knew what were causing it to happen, but I literally just printed a sample that came out right then made to print 9 more and the first one was spit out wrong–I changed nothing!! Grrr!

Well, I just set it to try once again and it’s printing well, so who knows what went wrong. Maybe I forgot to hit the button that told it to print landscape, though I swear it was able to figure this out on it’s own previously. Whatever. I think I have enough to get started finally making some cards. I still need to get to Walmart to see about some spray adhesive so I can make the birthday cards (BF went to mow his stepmom’s yard, and then his best friend’s, before he finally made it to Sam’s Club–I decided to stay home when he said there’d be lawn mowing before the shopping).


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