BF likes Geneology

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Due to a lack of work today I got home a little after 3:30 pm instead of my usual 5. BF hadn’t gotten much sleep this morning before his phone started ringing, so when he walked in the door a few minutes after I did, he made a beeline for the bedroom to go back to sleep. I didn’t intend to keep him awake, but when I followed him to the bedroom to borrow his phone so I could take pictures of the cards I made it seemed natural to sit next to him at the foot of the bed and talk about his tows from today and yesterday (he got called a little after 10pm last night).

Talk of towing turned into me mentioning that I’d planned to go to Walmart to look at adhesives since I got off work early but that I’d forgotten my walet at home (pause while I find my wallet and put it into my bag….). He asked me if I’d memorized my driver’s license number yet in case I get pulled over and have forgotten my license. No, I haven’t and I don’t intend to. Talk quickly turned to social security numbers and trying to figure out if there’s any rhyme or reason to the numbers. I just looked at Wikipedia: not really especially to folks who got one after 2011.

While talking about SSNs, BF wondered about his grandparents and their date of births and he complained that he hadn’t taken a picture of his grandparents graves so that he’d have their birthdates on hand. I told him we could look them up on and he told me to go get my computer. While I was gone, he got under the blanket proper and I expected him to quickly lose interest and would tell me to go away so he could sleep.

Well, he loved Find-a-Grave and when an ad popped up advertising a death certificate for the name of his son (which was also the name of his oldest brother who died during birth) he got kind of excited about handing his son a death certificate with his name on it. Knowing that those links are usually annoying at best/just want my money at worst, I hopped over to to see what kind of free and easily accessible records we could find with his name on them. 3 hours later I finally escaped so that I could eat dinner (and volunteered to make BF and Son grilled cheese)!

BF really enjoyed himself! We were able to trace both his father and mother’s direct paternal lines back to the 1780s or so. We found some awkward names to laugh over (Littleberry Cock?!) and it seems like his family tree didn’t branch too far on his father’s side back in the 1820s or so when husband and wife both had the same surname. I got really excited when we found the marriage license for his great x4 (or 5) grandfather and grandmother. Huh. Maybe his tree didn’t branch twice… I just looked at the marriage license again because it has the same surname for husband and wife (this wasn’t the one we noticed before) and I’m pretty sure that she should have had her maiden name on this form. Curiouser and curiouser.

Pretty much BF has made my month because I really want to figure out the mystery of how closely related this generation (or two) was to their spouses. At least when my family tree didn’t branch right it was because sisters had married brothers.


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