Something must be broken in the kitchen…

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I can’t believe it! In the past 4 days I’ve managed to not only make rice that was cooked practically properly (i.e. not totally mushy on the outside while crunchy on the inside and so stuck to the bottom of the pan that it’d take a jackhammer to remove it), but was also able to toss some dried whole wheat pasta into a pan with a “pasta side dish” (to stretch it without adding additional salt) and have the two types of pasta be done at the same time without the whole meal being a runny mess! These are two things that I didn’t think I’d ever be able to accomplish in BF’s kitchen! At home with my parents I did it all the time without any problem.

Excuse me while I run a victory lap around the house (though in reality it’d be more like a victory line because this is essentially a row house).

Now…if only I could figure out how to cook enough food for these two guys without leaving leftovers I get stuck eating for days. I swear: there’s either only enough food for one of them, or it’s something that literally sits in the fridge until I get sick of eating it! No happy medium!

‘Course….the Kid is leaving on Friday to go down to NC to live with his girlfriend, so soon it won’t matter that I still haven’t figured out portion sizes with them. By the way: Don’t tell him that I’ll probably miss him.


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