Getting Old is Murder

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Click to Buy at AmazonI’ve been raving about this book ever since I finished it (Saturday morning–it was the sole book I’d brought during the move).

The problem with mystery books is that there is a fine line between giving just enough information so the reader is surprised by the murderer and so much information that it’s obvious by page 100 who did it. Then there’s the problem of pointing the finger so hard at an obviously innocent person that the reader wonders how they ever caught the real murderer and the reader doesn’t buy the murderer as such. And I personally have an issue with cops who suck at their jobs.

I can honestly say that when Gladdy revealed the murderer, I was genuinely shocked. My face was totally: *o*. Of course, then I immediately was like: “Of course they did it! Everything fits!” I also enjoyed that there was still action after the reveal–so often books reveal in the next to last chapter and don’t do much more than wrap up the loose ends. This one continues to build up the characters in preparation for the rest of the series.

I love the little old ladies in this book/series–they’re kind of adorable in their own ways.


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