Moving Day; Part 2

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One of the stipulations made before I moved in here was that I’d have my own room so I could spread out my crafty bits and general crap. As you may know, we moved BF’s son to NC 2 weeks ago and the kid took the desk that was in my room with him. Let’s just say that my room looks like a tornado went through it, though luckily it looks better than the kid’s room which looks like a hurricane left a layer of detritus after the flood.

BF has been working on getting the kid’s room cleaned out so that we can turn it into a guest/storage room (with hopefully better results than was my room prior to me moving in). This weekend’s goal was to get the desk that the kid left behind in his room cleaned out so that it can go into my room.

Problem number one is that the “new” desk will not fit in the same hole as the old desk in my room, so we have to empty BF’s grandmother’s cedar chest so that we can put that into the kid’s room and put the “new” desk where the cedar chest currently is. Which is an arrangement that I like because it puts my chair in the spot with the greatest amount of “swivel-room”, which should open up the space again. My room functions like a galley-kitchen and I had to put a lot of stuff on the bed and floor when the desk was taken.

Problem number two is that BF just left to go on his 3rd call today. The first was at 4:30am, so I let him sleep until 3:30pm. The second was at 4:30pm and it’s now 8pm. He was pretty wiped out from the 4:30pm call simply because it’s quite humid outside (heat doesn’t play well with his medications). But, he promised me that if I got the chest cleaned out before he gets back he’ll move everything for me so I can start putting my room back to rights tonight and tomorrow. Woohoo!

‘Course…I may try to get everything moved while he’s gone. I’m not sure exactly how heavy that chest is. I should have borrowed some carpet movers from work, but oh well.

***Later***Well, I just got the cedar chest emptied and was able to slide it into the Kid’s room, but I wasn’t able to spin it around in transit and there’s not room to spin it inside his room right now, so it’s currently facing the wrong way so I can’t refill it yet. I was able to move the desk about 2 feet before a trim piece popped off. It’ll “snap” back on without any problem, but I didn’t like the way the desk started wiggling as I dragged it a few inches, so I’ll wait for BF to get back. The good news is that they two pieces of furniture were able to pass each other in the hall which is great because I was certain that one or both of them were going to have to turn a tight corner.

The kid left behind a dresser which he didn’t know was his. I’m not sure who actually is the owner, but I’m kind of hoping that the kid will say that he doesn’t want it because I’ve still got the spot where the original desk was and can always use more storage. But even if the kid says he wants the dresser, I think I’ll move it into my room anyway and put my Cricut on top of it until we can figure out a way to move it down to NC. Currently it’s taking up too much real estate in the laundry room.


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