The Post-it has been applied!

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When I decided to move in with my boyfriend I told him that I wanted his 3rd bedroom for my crap craft storage. This was while his son was still living here and a lot of the stuff in the room was The Kid’s. It’s been a slow work in progress to get everything like I want it and most of the decorations are from before my time, which I don’t mind.

While The Kid was finishing cleaning out the room I saw him reach up to take one picture in particular off the wall and I told him to leave it. It’s a photo of my boyfriend and his first ex-wife (yeah…he has 2)–The Kid’s mom. This is a very nice picture of my boyfriend from when he was about my age. The ex-wife…well, she’s there. Whenever the picture got mentioned I’d joke about the day when I’d put a post-it note over her face, but that I wouldn’t do it while The Kid was still living here, even though he’s been estranged from her for a few years on his own. I’m respectful like that.

Anyway, last night I was printing some stuff out for BF so we were both in my room and he made a comment about the picture and that he does look good in it. He also had to look down his shirt because he thought that the picture has more chest hair than he does (in the picture he’s wearing a button down open to the first real button (I think the “chest hair” is just a shadow)). He mentioned the Post-it and I asked him if he wanted to do the honors. He did.

So now the Post-it note has been applied to her face and maybe I won’t become infertile from her stare, hahaha.


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