Card Shop Launch!

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For the past couple mSerendipitous Cardsonths I’ve been playing around with the idea of selling the note cards I make. I recently found which is a lot like Etsy, but without the fee for posting items. Of course, Shop Handmade doesn’t have the fanbase that Etsy does, so I’ll have to do a lot more marketing of my cards to make it work. I lack self-esteem when it comes to the stuff I make, so I figure no one will want to buy my stuff anyway. But it’s there for the world to see at Serendipitous Cards!

My “gimmick” is that I love taking a patterned piece of paper and cutting images out of it with my Cricut. As I say, serendipity is a much better artist that I ever could be. l’m usually amazed by how pretty the shapes come out and it’s something that I could never replicate with a similarly shaped paper punch! Unfortunately the pictures I take don’t do my cards justice–I never claimed to be a photographer, haha.

Each of my cards is more or less unique with fate playing a role in the particular coloring of each of the shapes and my hatred of monotony acting to keep me from making more than a few cards at a time that are “extremely similar”. When I print a sentiment on the inside of a card (which happens well before I decorate the outside), I won’t print out more than 10 sheets (hopefully I’ll get 2 cards per sheet) with the exact same sentiment. I simply get bored easily if I try to do the same thing over and over again even if it’s simply printing out the sentiments. So, if you get a hankering for one of my cards, be sure to understand that the image you see on the screen is only an idea of what your card will ultimately look like. I will try to post cards by batches so that the color scheme you’ll see online will be close to the eventual card you get. When I make 10 or 20 cards that are really similar, I’ll give that card a name and create a listing for it and whenever I get back to making cards that are like the first listing, I’ll create a new listing using whatever cards I’ve made the 2nd go round. I suppose you could say that my cards come in “limited editions”.


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