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When I sold my first (and so far only) note card a few months ago, I received payment via Pay Pal, a service I’d never used before. Not knowing what to do with $2.10 in Pay Pal and not needing to immediately transfer the money into my bank account, I hit up E-bay to see what über cheap things I could find.

Apparently Chinese rhinestones are indeed super cheap with free shipping (a package of 800 4mm for $0.30 anyone?). So, I bought $2.00 worth and am very happy with my purchases (so long as they’ve all come in–I’ve kind of lost track).

Now tiny rhinestones are tiny, in case you didn’t know this. So, found myself fumbling with them even though my fingers are equally tiny apparently my ring finger is size 5 3/4). Months ago  while doing card making research (i.e. drooling over what other people have created) I stumbled upon posts mentioning wax pencils and I wondered what they were used for. Apparently they pick up rhinestones.

Well, if you can’t tell by me snapping up all the $0.30 rhinestones, I don’t have a lot of money to spend on crafting materials. 90% of what I use came to me via gifts, swaps, and stealing from work (hey! I literally take the stuff out of the recycle cans, unless of course I’m able to snap it up before it physically makes it into the recycling because that’s where it’s definitely going to go otherwise). 5% of what’s left I only get because I’m justifying the gift giving potential of said item before it becomes “leftovers”. So only 5% of what I buy is purely for my own playing pleasure. I’m not going to justify spending money on tools that my fingers could do if I just try hard enough, at least until I’ve exhausted every other option.

Did I mention that my mom used to buy me crayons all the time up until a few years ago? Or that a few years ago I was given a vintage-looking small crayon tin with the classic 8 package of crayons as well as some stamps within?

Aren’t wax pencils and wax crayons awfully similar in composition? Hehehe. (Yes, that is my evil laugh).


As I started to get frustrated with my rhinestones I remembered what I’d read about wax pencils and thought “what the hell?”. Turns out that for this chick, those crayons do a terrific job! And were free without having to ask for wax pencils for Christmas. Woo hoo!

I’m behind in posting my latest creations for sale, but here’s a few that are available right now!



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