My name is Cathy and I’ve always had a passion for reading. That being said, I’ve always hated shopping and writing reviews of the books I’ve read. In my advancing years (I’ll be 27 in October), I’ve decided to force myself to actually think about the books I’ve read because, heck, I’ve found that I kind of have an internet-window-shopping addiction (there’s a lot of really neat stuff out there that isn’t clothes!). I like to challenge myself. My day job is at a print shop where I specialize in punching holes and counting with my fingers.

The biggest challenge in my life (literally) is my boyfriend since Sept. 2013 who is 19 years older than me, a foot and a half taller than me, and about twice my weight. He’s also the biggest baby I’ve ever met (said with love, haha). Nah…we’re like 2 peas in a pod…except when he’s sick and whining because he has a fever of 99 and I want to strangle him because he wakes me up to make him chicken noodle soup because he slept through dinner. He’s an ex-truck driver, current tow truck driver and has the aggravating characteristics of both (namely his diet and sleep schedule).


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