FTC Disclosures

In case you didn’t realize it, I do a lot of affiliate marketing on this blog. This means that if you click a link to a product on this site and then choose to purchase that or another item (because these links have cookies embedded in them), I get a small percentage of the sale. I do not claim to know anything about 99% of the items I link to–in fact you’ll notice that I don’t write reviews of these items. These are simply things that if I had the money to buy for myself or a friend, I’d buy them. If I have written a review of an item/book that I’ve linked to, I’ve either purchased it, gotten it from the library, or for free from Blogging for Books. In all cases the reviews are my own opinion and are not subject to any outside interference.

If there isn’t a review from me on a specific item, you’d better read the reviews of users of that site before you decide to buy or not. Which you should do anyway because I’m not an expert! These are simply well placed ads, nothing more.


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