Serendipitous Cards

I have a card shop on Shop Handmade called Serendipitous Cards.

I chose this name due to the way my cards come about: I really feel like I have no control of the final product, which is something I absolutely love! My favorite thing is to take a beautiful piece of 12×12 paper and run it through my Cricut with a pretty image and see what comes out. I also love to use the scraps I have lying around to create patchwork designs.

My cards really are one of a kind whether it’s because of the pattern that happens to get caught by the Cricut or because I’m using something I only have one of. There do seem to be themes that emerge as I work, but I love variety so much that I have a pathological need to make two cards different in some small way. I work in a print shop where consistency is imperative; I crave diversity at home.

I am willing to discuss making custom cards for you so if you’d like something in particular that you don’t see in my shop, send me a message and hopefully I can help you out.