Elements of Ecology

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Known for its emphasis on the relevance of ecology in everyday life and the human impact on ecosystems, Elements of Ecology, Seventh Edition  features new “Interpreting Ecological Data” exercises to help readers develop quantitative skills. Each chapter draws upon current research in the various fields of ecology providing accessible examples that help readers understand species natural history, specific ecosystems, the process of science, and ecological patterns at both an evolutionary and demographic scale.
The Nature of Ecology, Adaptation and Evolution, Climate, The Aquatic Environment, The Terrestrial Environment, Plant Adaptations to the Environment, Animal Adaptations to the Environment, Life History Patterns, Properties of Populations, Population Growth, Intraspecific Population Regulation, Metapopulations, Interspecific Competition, Predation, Parasitism and Mutualism, Community Structure, Factors Influencing the Structure of Communities, Community Dynamics, Landscape Ecology, Ecosystem Energetics, Decomposition and Nutrient Cycling,  Biogeochemical Cycles, Terrestrial Ecosystems, Aquatic Ecosystems, Land—Water Margins, Large-scale Patterns of Biological Diversity,Population Growth, Resource Use, and Sustainability, Habitat Loss, Biodiversity, and Conservation,Global Climate Change
Intended for those interested in learning the basics of ecology
I wasn’t sure what to think of this class in college. I LOVED the content (I’ve kept this book because it was a really interesting read). But the first test was odd. We didn’t get our test back so we could see our grade until I believe after we took our second test (it became a running joke). As many of us started freaking out about what our grade could have possibly been, a good month after we’d taken the test the professor finally sent out an email reassuring us that if an individual had gotten a poor score, he would have talked to them privately. But he didn’t mention what he felt a “poor score” was until after he finally handed us back the test. Turns out, that would have been a B-. I think I got an A- on the test and a B+ in the class which suited me just fine :-D.