Save the Beetle! (okay, maybe not this beetle)

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I got called weird at work the other day. This isn’t a new thing. I am kind of weird.

Anyway, I was on the paper cutter (I work at a print shop) when I turned for whatever reason I noticed a big shiny beetle crawling across the floor. Yeah, I could have stepped on it, but I have a thing against killing organisms that are bigger than so big (kind of because of the very icky squish they make and kind of because of the Bugg Books (which apparently are a little known series!) and the Splintered series).

I like bugs! I think up close images of even the common housefly are gorgeous. In one of my college courses I volunteered to take the lower organisms section of our food web project (which actually was everything lower than the bugs we can really see, such as the fungi that grow on plant roots so that they can actually process nutrients–love ’em!).

‘Course, I like my bugs to stay where they belong: outside! I’m actually really squeamish about touching them. So when I saw the beetle on the floor, I grabbed a piece of chipboard and proceeded to scoot him towards the door. He was a quick little guy, running over the chipboard, which made me drop him every time he actually got onto it. Flinging him a few feet across the floor ended up being a much more productive method of removal, haha. Which is what prompted the weird comment. I did finally get him outside in more or less one piece.

Japanese Beetle

This looks a lot like the bug I was “playing” with. And I guess maybe I should have killed him because the site I got this picture from says he’s invasive. So I’m hoping either I’ve mis-identified him or that one of those drops seriously harmed his reproductive capabilities.

I wasn’t intending to post any links (other than the one to my Splintered post), but it seems like folks just haven’t heard of the Bugg Books (by Stephen Cosgrove)! That’s really sad because I loved them soo much as a kid (I’d read one or two or ten right now, but they’re at my parent’s house with the rest of the children’s books I want to keep for my own). They’re books with a focus on a moral, but it’s not down your throat like some. My dad actually didn’t like these books because he thought they were too juvenile for me, which was true to some extent. But I loved to look at the pictures and imagine living in that world. Anyway, the set that I have are “topsy-turvey” books, so you get two stories for the price of one!