The Case for Christ

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Is there credible evidence that
Jesus of Nazareth really is the Son of God?
Retracing his own spiritual journey from atheism to faith, Lee Strobel, former legal editor of theChicago Tribune, cross-examines a dozen experts with doctorates who are specialists in the areas of old manuscripts, textual criticism, and biblical studies.
Strobel challenges them with questions like How reliable is the New Testament? Does evidence for Jesus exist outside the Bible? Is there any reason to believe the resurrection was an actual event?
Strobel’s tough, point-blank questions make this bestselling book read like a captivating, fast-paced novel. But it’s not fiction. It’s a riveting quest for the truth about history’s most compelling figure.
What will your verdict be in the The Case for Christ?
“Lee Strobel probes with bulldog-like tenacity the evidence for the truth of biblical Christianity.”
Bruce M. Metzger, PhD, Professor of New Testament, Emeritus, Princeton Theological Seminary
This book’s flaw is that it bases all arguments on the premise that the Bible is TRUTH. And it does a poor job of arguing why the Bible should be taken as TRUTH. For example, it is probable that the earliest books in the Bible were composed 30 to 60 years after Christ’s death. Instead of using the conservative estimate of 60 years, all further references are to the 30 year mark. It also doesn’t address the idea that the writers could have been part of an overreaching conspiracy (for lack of a better term) to overthrow the status quo of 0 AD.

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