Becoming Old Fashioned…

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Moving in with my boyfriend has seriously caused me to become more old fashioned and I’m a bit surprised by it, being that I’m quite the modern woman.

His grandfather’s knife kind of looks like this with the blade being so skinny.

You see, he’s got this wonderful paring knife that was his grandfather’s that I adore! I’m a small woman (not even 5 ft) and my hands are proportionate. I’ve never felt comfortable using a knife in my hand to peel and cut potatoes or carrots. At home with my parents I’d only cut a large tomato with it in my hand because we had steak knives or chopping knives. Any paring knives were either too large or not sharp. Now that I’m living out here with some proper equipment, I’m a regular grandma cutting practically all vegetables with the little paring knife. You can imagine my excitement when he pulled out another one with a more substantial blade on it (his grandfather’s is looking it’s age after being sharpened so much).

Yeah, for someone hoping to read that I’d succumbed to conservative homemaking bliss, you aren’t going to find that here. Sure, I can keep a home, but I prefer my day job. The closest I’ve come to accepting a bit of old fashioned behavior from him is admitting that I like it when my boyfriend opens the car door for me…within reason. I made it clear on our first date that if he expected me to sit in the car while he got out and walked around or went completely out of his way to open the door for me, I’d kick him in the shin. Oh sure, I’ll let him walk fast so he can beat me to the car door–he needs the exercise plus his legs are longer and there’s usually something in my seat. And I’ll let him wait while I get settled so he can shut it for me. But if he’s picking me up from somewhere and he gets out of the car to open my door while I’m walking to the car–gahh! He’s tall enough he can reach across! If I haven’t exited the building, then of course he can get out and start walking my way or I will also accept a phone call (but that’s just me).