Idea Bank #60: My earliest memory of food is..

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Hmm…Well, my earliest memory of food is actually one of my earliest memories period. This is what I “see” in my memory:

“I’m sitting on a wooden office desk that’s one of a row of office desks running down the center of a room. At the far end is a HUGE button making machine (even though the actual button making portion is quite small) Around me are presses of various shapes and sizes. Someone has handed me a Frosty that’s literally as big as I am. I am happy.”

My dad tells me that this is me at one of the various print shops he worked at (or just hung out at, I’m not sure). This one specialized in making novelty items (buttons and personalized pencils are the two things I remember making with the help of the older kids). He’s not sure what’s up with the row of wooden desks, but I suppose that it could have been a bunch of work tables (but he’s pretty sure I probably was sitting on someones actual desk). The frosty was given to me a few times when a mom would bring her kids frostys, but I doubt they were giving me one that would have been extra large.

The button machine wasn’t as huge as I want to remember. It was tall because the base would have held some kind of motor and it probably wasn’t that tall since I was tiny and had to get picked up to play with it. It was probably made of cast iron.

My only other memory of this shop was being at the receptionist’s desk which was where the pencil embosser was. Or so my memory says, I’ll have to ask my dad if this was true.


Trick for eating cheaper yogurt

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I’m kind of new to the whole “eating yogurt” thing. It wasn’t something my parents bought for us when we (I have a younger brother) were kids. But since I first ate it on a whim, I’ve been happy with the taste, but not so much with the texture.

Shopping on a budget is definitely my thing. I don’t buy anything unless it’s on sale and even then, if I know there will be a better sale later I won’t buy it. Generally I won’t buy a more expensive brand if there’s an acceptable alternative for a cheaper price. Yoplait yogurt is one of these items.

When it comes to yogurt, I like it thick. The three brands of yogurt I’ve tried are Dannon (the thickest), Yoplait, and Great Value (Walmart’s storebrand which is like soup). With my dad buying Great Value it was imperative that I figure out a way to get it to the consistency that I would enjoy eating. The freezer was the obvious first choice.

I’ve been surprised to see so many posts on Pinterest enlightening people about the easy summer snack: a yogurt pop. I can’t remember the last time I ate yogurt at refrigerator temperature (except when I’ve forgotten about my frozen yogurt and it’s melted on me). While Yoplait won’t really work on a stick, it does play nicely with tough spoon. At $0.39/cup on sale, I’m one very happy camper.