Getting Old is the Best Revenge

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I was so excited after reading Getting Old is Murder, I decided to read the second book in the series next. For the most part, it didn’t disappoint.

I loved the depth of Gladdy’s character. I tend to read what I call fluffy books–ones where the main characters don’t deal with too much real hardship. At the end of the day, these are Cozy Mysteries, so there’s nothing too upsetting, but at least she’s allowed to have some doubts about life. It’s nice to find someone real who isn’t so real that they’re utterly depressing.

I wasn’t as surprised by the murderer’s reveal, though there were still a couple twists that kept me on my toes. I think I’ve pinned down Ms. Lakin’s formula, but I’m hopeful that she’ll be able to keep the series exciting. The girls are predictable in that I know that they’ll do something funny and *SPOILER ALERT*: you can’t go wrong with a mob of 70+ year old women taking down a relatively youthful murderer, hehehe.

This book ended on a bit of a cliffhanger, but I just got 5 books from the library and a book from Blogging for Books, so it will be awhile before I return to Ms. Gold’s shenanigans (or the appropriate Yiddish equivalent).

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I Am America (And So Can You!)

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I really liked this book. I was slow to become a fan of Stephen Colbert even after I started watching his show. I thought him too crude and annoyingly stupid and preferred the more serious Jon Stewart’s straight-man portrayal of current events.

I still prefer Jon Stewart’s style, but I absolutely fell in love with Colbert when he really started his own Super PAC to show the public how completely screwed up the system is when it comes to political funding.

I Am America reads exactly like the Colbert Report segment “The Word”, including the handy notes in the margins and footnotes. This is definitely the book you hand without introduction to your slightly clueless ultra-conservative relatives and coworkers and see if their mind gets blown.

I thought the epilogue chapter that included his Press Association Dinner speech was interesting for a few different reasons. For one, I didn’t know much about the content of that speech except that when it ended the pundits didn’t know what the hell had just happened because no one knew that he was doing satire (they just thought him completely batshit crazy). Secondly, after reading the speech, I could conclude that half of it did indeed come across as completely batshit crazy, haha. For me, it read like a really awkward speech. There were moments of brilliance when Colbert shined with a well placed joke that was fully in character. There were moments when he seemed to fall out of character in order to do the standard shoutouts to folks in the crowd (the ones where he didn’t include a good joke). And then there were moments when what he was saying might have been in character, but was so completely in left field it just came across as stupid and not even remotely funny (actually, these moments weren’t presented the same way as the jokes, so maybe this was an attempt to stay in character while not saying something that’s supposed to be funny…I’m not sure). But then, I reminded myself that this speech was given in 2006. While the character of Stephen Colbert had been used on the Daily Show, he’d only had his own show for one season as of April 2006. In other words, at the time he was still working out the kinks in the character.

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