BF’s smoking update

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He hasn’t bought himself a new pack since I took the ones he had!!!

He’s been “bumming” them off his friends whenever he can, but that’s only gotten him about 1 per day. Which is kind of fantastic considering that one of those friends is a chain smoker and before when they were together, I’d watch BF light up 2 or 3 times. Yay progress!

He’s also gone a few days without being around any smoker friends, which has meant he’s gone 24 hours at a time without a cigarette! Ugh–I just asked him for an update since I’ve been avoiding the subject this week and he said that he took 2 and smoked them back to back while he was picking up his paycheck this afternoon. I REALLY need to beat up his “friends”. They aren’t helping me any!

But, he hasn’t taken any of the ones I took out of my bag. I know this for a fact because I booby-trapped them. I wrote a little message on a slip of paper then wrapped the paper around each of the cigarettes. I know he’ll say something when he finally sees them! The papers aren’t really attached to the cigarettes; they’ll slide off without much effort. But it would make him stop and think which helps break the mindless cycle that is smoking.