It takes a special kind of stupid…a work story.

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So, ya’ll may remember that I work in a print shop. We happen to do a lot of printing for a “certain bank” (which shall always remain nameless). There is also the “other bank” that we also do printing for. In both cases we store their stuff in our warehouse (in the case of the “certain bank”, we also store tons of their “crap”–paper towels, cups and lids, knives, forks, spoons, toilet paper, Fabreeze, Clorox wipes, etc, etc, ETC).

Well, yesterday we got word that they wanted to print a letter on some letterhead we already had printed in the warehouse then deliver it and an envelope (also from the warehouse) to a mailing house. It’s a simple enough request, not that that matters.

So, I went into the warehouse and pulled the envelopes and letterhead, taking the letterhead to a table near the press where the letter will be added. The pressman came back from lunch and started running the job. Then I hear this:

“Hey, can you bring me 3 more boxes of the letterheads? I printed the letter on the back.”

Me: “Uhh…what?”

Yep…somehow he’d printed 1300 letters on the back of the letterhead. The letterhead has a rather large logo at the top and the return address at the bottom. When he opened the boxes of letterhead, he would have been looking directly at said printed stuff.

Did he honestly think that the letter went on the blank side of the paper? I have no clue.

Did he load the paper wrong? While possible, he has way too much experience for that. And why would it have taken him so long to catch the mistake?

Why didn’t the production manager, who I was told “okayed” the job that way, catch it?

I am still baffled by this idiotic mistake.